Four Drinks for a Good Night’s Sleep

While some people argue that having a drink before bedtime interferes with quality sleep because it keeps one in the urinal throughout the night, that does not mean that you should completely steer clear of them. Let us take a look at a few drinks you can sip before drifting into your dreamland.

Almond milk: Contains tryptophan, a nutrient that improves the central nervous system’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is known to initiate sleep. Additionally, the high levels of magnesium content in this milk also boost healthy sleep.

Chamomile tea: This has long been known to help insomnia patients thanks to its soothing and calming effect. It is also caffeine-free, a characteristic which makes it a suitable drink for bedtime.

Decaffeinated green tea: This one is rich in theanine, a type of amino acid which helps in combating stress and improving sleep.

Valerian tea: Valerian tea has been scientifically proven to contain sedative properties. Thus, it is suitable for promoting calmness and reducing anxiety. With these effects, you can’t help but sleep well.

Other drinks known to help with healthy sleep include malted milk, pure coconut water, and tart cherry juice. With these, I wish you some sweet dreams.

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