Three Health Benefits of Wine

While many people love wine, the truth is that most people may not be aware of the benefits of this classic drink, besides the fact that it is good for cardiovascular health. But that is not all, as far as the benefits of wine to your health are concerned. According to research, the following are other fantastic health benefits of wine that you may not know.

Good for your skin: Well, wine is rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant which naturally occurs in grapes. Resveratrol is known to fight bad cholesterol in the body, and promote the health of the blood vessels. But there is more to this antioxidant than meets the eye. Dermatologists claim that this antioxidant helps in combating acne-causing bacteria. This explains why some skincare product manufacturers include resveratrol in their products.

Good for oral health: According to research recorded in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, wine, especially red wine contains bacteria-fighting antimicrobials, against conditions such as gum diseases, tooth decay and cavities.

Helps combat cancer: Many of us shrink at the mere mention of the word “cancer.” And we are right to, because this is one of the most lethal conditions in existence. Wine, especially red wine, contains what is known as phenolic compounds, which, besides fighting heart attacks, may also help control the growth and spread of breast cancer. A study done at the University of Crete (Greece) proved that phenols also counter the spread of prostate cancer. Additionally, the resveratrol and quercetin (antioxidants) contained in wine can help relieve the effects of oral cancer. This claim has been supported by a study done at the University of Missouri in 2000.

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