Common Beer Myths Debunked

There are not many drinks that have been around longer than beer. For at least a thousand years, this classic beverage has been gracing our world (I salute all beer drinkers), whether there is a party or not. But with so many drinks being associated with myths, beer has not been spared either. That is why you should not be surprised to hear drinkers in beer halls, clubs, and bars pronouncing themselves on what they believe about this classic alcoholic drink. In honour of the beer community, I now debunk three common beer myths.

Beer is bad for your health: This could easily be the most widespread myth about beer. Yes, those who claim that beer is a health hazard forget (or should I say ignore) to explain that excessive beer intake is harmful to our health. Yes, the word is “excessive.” Surprisingly, moderate beer consumption is actually beneficial to our health; fact! These benefits may include kidney stone prevention, increased intake of vitamin B6, and reduced chances of heart problems.

The darker the beer, the stronger it is: This is one of the most unfortunate myths. Guinness Draught, one of the darkest beers, for instance, is only 4.2% alcohol. Yet, there are lighter coloured beers with higher alcohol content. Thus, a beer colour does not determine the level of alcohol in the drink. Steer clear of this misconception.

Beer is best served ice cold: Beware! Ice cold beer numbs your tongue’s taste buds, making it difficult to detect some aromas in the drink. Thus, the best serving temperature depends on your preference and beer type.

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