Benefits of Drinking Water Before Bedtime

Are you one of those individuals who takes a glass of water before wandering into your dreamland? If that’s what you do, then you may not be fully aware of the benefits you are getting.

The first advantage of taking water at night is proper hydration. Your body needs to be well hydrated during sleep. Remember, you are going to be asleep for at least six hours (although there are people who sleep less), and that does not mean that your body organs stop working. You will be breathing, and probably be sweating, of course, depending on the weather conditions. Unless you’re sure that you will be waking up after every two to three hours to hydrate, the levels of your body fluids will definitely go down, and dehydration is harmful to your body. Additionally, a glass of water before bedtime also helps to cleanse your body system.

However, just ensure you don’t take too much water at once as this could interfere with your sleep, given that you will need to be visiting the washroom frequently. The best approach would be to take the water long before you retire, say, two hours earlier or so. That would help the body to get rid of excess water before you fall asleep.

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